A lot of people wonder what documentary photography looks like, practically. They're all "but my house isn't out of a magazine and my kids aren't perfect" and I'm all "that makes me really excited!!" so let me tell you a little bit about custom photography and documentary family photography. 

Lifestyle and documentary family photography is priced the way it is because it isn't setting up a neat studio spot with easily controlled lighting and setting, or going to a location and squeezing out 10-15 posed and perfect portraits. Those photos are wonderful and have value. But there are some people who want more from the yearly photographs they are investing in with their families. A documentary session takes about 2 hours of time together and happens in your home, vacation spot, hotel, hospital or place of meaning to you. This is collaborative and I'm never going to force a photo out of someone. The messier the house, the more character. The more lived in, the more authentic to who you and your family are. I always make sure to get more traditional portraits, because I get it, people want those too. But my heart and soul lives in capturing the subtleties of your life, your love, and who you are. 

Pricing highlights and session details : 

$350 booking fee. This covers time and talent only and applies to all sessions. 

Digital files $750

Small events and birthday parties start at $1250

 Also available for : Product Photography, Freelance Assignments, Commercial Work

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