Hi! My name is Isabel. I’m a Trauma Informed Care Doula and Photographer living in the Metro West, MA. area. For a long time I struggled to pinpoint what it is exactly that I do. In this process, however, I realized we are all a great many things, and it sometimes does us a disservice to claim only one strength or passion.

Although my photography and doula careers began on separate paths, they have converged and now joyfully coexist. Having been a doula for 13 years and photographer (professionally) for 10, and attending countless workshops and trainings for each, I find myself in a unique place of being able to offer both experiences, whether separately or together, from a tender, trauma informed place backed with years of experience and education. In this space so much of who we are as individuals can shine through. Together, we revel in, and uplift, your story, your uniqueness, your beauty and your personhood.

My services include : Birth Doula Support, Postpartum Doula Support, Birth Photography, Wedding Photography and Documentary/Freelance Photography. To inquire about my services and availability please click here for the contact page.

And if you’re still a little curious about me and who I am, I guess these would be the details and things that matter to me most. I believe laughter is the best medicine but I appreciate a good cry. Being yourself is cool and listening to your heart/gut is thrilling. I believe in adventuring often but love the feeling of coming home. I love to meet good people and tell stories and make art. Maybe we can do some of these things together. 

XOXO Isabel