Are you interested in Doula Support or Birth Photography and wonder what that looks like and how I do what I do?

The saying goes that ‘Peace on Earth starts with Birth’ and I believe that very much. I believe that it is the right of every birthing human to receive the education, respect and support they need to achieve whatever birth they envision for themselves. I believe that one of the ways to seek, uphold and perpetuate social and reproductive justice is to ensure access to this kind of care for every birthing person and their families. Birth work is powerful and energetic, and the experience of it (yours and mine) stays with us forever. Healthy births do not happen just because the person giving birth is receiving education and support, but because the partner, or whole family, becomes invested in and centers around the care, health and autonomy of the person giving birth and the new little human entering the space. These are the elements that lead to a peaceful, empowering, atraumatic birth. I believe that every kind of birth (hospital birth, home birth, c-section, surrogate…) can be intuitive, atraumatic and empowering when combining birth support, education, restorative birth justice and trauma informed care practices. These practices and beliefs are at the core of all the birth work I do. Adding photography felt natural. And as a dear friend reminded me, it’s just another way for me to hold space for the holiness of birth and for everyone present in that moment to say “you are seen and honored in this space.”

Birth Doula : $2000

Birth Photography : $2000

Postpartum Doula Support : $60/hr

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