10 on 10 | i'm a first timer

a few weeks ago, i got the sweetest, unexpected message from a photographer in california. we chatted and clicked immediately. i am so grateful for this common thread that continues to draw me closer to other people, other creative souls. and to have met you Amy! she invited me into her 10 on 10 group at the exact right moment. i've been feeling a little stumped lately. needing a deadline to sort of force myself to face the things i hem and haw endlessly about that i never have time for. creative things. i took this photo of my big guy last friday. i looked at his smooth beautiful skin, his golden hair and steel blue eyes. and i just felt like, i have to take your picture. you are so beautiful to me. so i set out this weekend to focus on working on technique type things i've been wanting to have time for and to focus on photographing my family, out of the house, together. so here it is. my first 10 on 10. at the end be sure to follow the link to the next photographer!! (and oh yeah, i cheated. more than ten images. i'll be better next month, i swear)

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