10 on 10 : post election special

on Tuesday, after we (I) voted, i just wanted to run away. i knew if we went home i'd drive myself crazy sniffing the election day speculation glue. i have only voted twice in my life, both times as a mother and a wife. married to a man who works in the trades, an electrician who installs solar panels. i need a president who, at the very least, believes in green energy. married to a man who went back to school on PEL grants. raising two sons who i'd like to say could marry anyone they love, who i hope can be successful and loving and kind and accepting people. who i hope will never bully a "romney voting kid" the way "romney voting kids" have been teasing the "obama voting kids" (yes, KIDS, keyword! children! parents, are you paying attention?!) there is no political discussion to be had here. i am not shy about my opinions. but for an hour or two, i wanted to hide my kids away and keep them innocent. so we got donuts and headed for the woods.

grab a cup of coffee and follow the circle! Amy's up next... isabel