a time for thanks

perhaps better titled : isabel claims to take on a month long project but let's see how long she really lasts or

erika ray convinces isabel to join projects she may not be capable of finishing.

i'm going to try and blog EVERY day, one thing i'm grateful for, for all of november. seeing as this post is going up on the 2nd, it should be obvious to you that i'm off to a great start.

the fall is always so busy. but this fall is something new, for me. i am alone three days a week. without a child, for 8 hours, three days a week. for the first time since i was a child myself, and newly pregnant. i am struggling to say the least. so for now, i am grateful for the time i have to get to know myself. as weird as that sounds. you have no idea how lovely it was to walk through this cemetery and hear nothing but the sound of my feet, some birds, the wind. crews cleaning up downed branches. i spent almost 2 hours at the mount auburn cemetery. i picked up knocked down flower pots, and explored fallen branches. sandy tore the trees to shreds which, for now, has left the ground covered in autumnal confetti.


(it goes without saying that beyond all of this, i am grateful my family fared well through Hurricane Sandy. my heart goes out to everyone struggling, especially my own family and friends. bah humbug.)