Anna Banana's Homemade chocolatey goodness - review!

i had the truly unfortunate task of testing chocolate this week. i know. your heart breaks... luckily, i had someone who was willing to brave the storm with me.

(by the way, this is what i get when i ask him to smile be fair, the kid could use some chapstick. and his hair! if anyone can tell me how to give this child a decent haircut, i'm ready and willing!)

ok, but really. my friend Sarah is starting her own little gig making handmade chocolates. she also has an incredibly adorable little girl, Anna, who is 2 and change. and so Anna Banana's Homemade Goodness was born. Jack hunkered down with me while Leo napped.

oh, you were hoping for the review part! short story, they're absolutely delicious. she's really playing on the sweet and savory, with most of the blends featuring sea salt. you had me at sweet and savory. Jack's favorites were those little cubes (caramel and sea salt. to die for.) and the turtle with caramel. i thought i'd be all about the peanut butter cup, and while it was really delicious, it was actually the almond butter cup that won me over. and yea, the caramel cubes. seriously. to die for.

you can find Anna Banana's Homemade Goodness on Facebook for information and pricing. but they've got our thumbs already!

xo isabel