Boston Birth Story

Did you know I'm a doula? It's true. Did you know that I would shoot a birth like...once a week if I could? This little man's birth is forever etched on my heart, just like every other birth I've attended. But I'll say this was extra special, because I ended up (unexpectedly!) wearing both my doula hat and my photographer hat and it was beyond words. At each birth I've attended there has been a moment where I have been so grateful for my training and experience as a has proven so valuable at each birth. I can never thank these families enough for trusting me. It is such an immense honor and I am giddy that this is my job. Ridiculous. 

Look at how much freaking strength and beauty is here!! Blows my mind every.damn.time. 

And thanks E and J for letting me share these images so that other expecting families can better understand the benefits of birth photography. 

To see their maternity session click THIS

If you're ready to invest in memories of the most mind blowing, life altering, once in a lifetime experience you're about to have ever, then send me mail, because I looooooove mail. Use THIS LINK. Yep, there'll be literal blood, sweat and tears...and also pee and poop and maybe some other fun fluids. And you won't regret a single photo, I swear.