Brooklyn, NY pt.1

Sometimes your life is falling apart a little. Or. Sometimes it feels like your life is falling apart a little. And a friend says "come over. bring the family. take a break." Sometimes it's a friend you've known for about 4/5 years. A friend who you've talked about some pretty real shit with. A friend you've never met in person.

I'm really grateful for that workshop all those years back, and grateful circumstances brought you back to the states and grateful for your generosity and friendship. You're the best kind of no bullshit friend everyone should have. 

This wasn't like a trip to the beach kind of break. It was just a break from the norm. Because my life is kinda feeling Groundhog Day-ish and I was starting to feel a little Bill Murray-esque a la grabbing the groundhog and going for a drive. I kid, I kid.

NYC was cold and windy and we didn't really do much at all. But there's kind of no place I'm happier walking aimlessly than in NYC. 


I'm going to be in NYC OCTOBER 7-10 with some time for family sessions! If you're in the NYC area give me a shout for special travel pricing. I would really, really love to meet you and your family.