the packing list

once a year we make the trip to NYC. once a year we spend 5 jam packed days soaking up as much time with *my* family as we can. once a year, it's my crazy family, not his. once a year i am given the opportunity to document the people and family that make up the only tradition i've ever known. my aunt, my cousin (who is more like my brother), his wife and their new baby girl. my mom. mister chris and the boys. that's it. that's as extended as my family gets.

this year i've started a bucket list of sorts for my photography. i want to shoot one roll of film a week, i want to shoot more personal film work (street stories, stranger portraits, and so on) i want to shoot my family more in a way that is deeper and different that i haven't quite figured out. and for 5 days only, i have the opportunity to do all those things at once.

so...what the fuck do i bring?!

...and what gets left behind?


(fellow photo nerds - pictured above is : Canon AE-1, Nikon F100, Nikon D700, a pack of portra400, two Tri-X 400 rolls and a handful of expired film)

december 10 on 10

it's that time of the month again. after last month's 10 on 10 the old crew wrapped up. having joined late i really only reaped the benefits of a few months. i was, am, still lacking the feeling of an inspirational artist community. it's complicated because i'm more than photos. i'm a wannabe writer. i've admired Erika Ray from afar, but recently used my finest cussing to weasel my way into her circle. guys. these are like, crazy talented photographers. and not only that, most of them are really great writers as well. if i can stick to deadline, they might just LOVE me.

new peeps just landing here for the first time, who the hell am i? i'm a boston globe food stylist, photographer, mother of two, wife to mister chris, living outside of boston. two journalists for parents, both with a love and eye for shooting. my relationship with photography was born in dusty boxes filled with curled photos and loose negatives.

three months ago, i felt bored. i was lucky to inherit from my mom a Canon AE-1 and from a friend a Nikon F100. after attending the FIND workshop as a model, my curiosity for film was reignited. while racking my brain, what to do what to do, for this first post with this new crew, i remembered i hadn't picked up my rolls from JUNE! so here it is. my first time with my feet back in film. i'm an endless work in progress. painfully imperfect. learning to share my journey.

next up is the ridiculously talented Joel Chapman come on, you know he's a cool guy when he's rolling with a bunch of bad ass bitches like us...


my roots are film

recently i helped my mom organize some of her photos. boxes of negatives and prints. spanning decades. it was a pretty interesting experience, not only looking back at what my parents shot (one a photographer but both definitely have "the eye") or what they shot of their lives before me. but also, what i shot. it's pretty pathetic and embarrassing to be quite honest. set ups of barbies and stuffed animals. living a life i imagined endlessly. but one thing is for sure, i've always loved shooting people, interacting, spending time with each other. and always trying to find the authenticity of every moment. i recently unearthed my mom's AE-1 and a friend's F100. three months ago i took two rolls in to be developed. today, i picked them up.