arranged marriages for toddlers

i know they're generally frowned upon, arranged marriages. and at this point, Leo has like 3 betrothed women, so it's starting to look a little like Big Love in my mind. BUT! Leo's little bestie from school just kills me. i am such a freaking sucker for little girls, but this one. she's a little spitfire. i adore her. the moment i met her i wanted to take her picture. her big blue eyes and her itty vampire teeth and that freaking overbite just KILL.ME.


it just looks better on the blog sometimes...

this is my sweetest Paloma. she and my littlest man have grown up together thus far. they are the best of friends. a few weeks ago i begged her to sit so that i could practice using the LensBaby Edge80 i got. she didn't sit for long and i got a total of two frames from that day that "worked" that are still not perfect. ya know, i think i should just erase the word perfect from my dictionary...