letters to our children

letters to our children

my friend amy, who i owe much of my courage to, invited me into this group of absolutely crazy talented photographers. once a month tend to my words. this first month, it's fitting i wrote to leo, as it's his birthday. i was lucky, and with jack's help, that leo tolerated a few portraits on his 4th birthday. some words and pictures i'd like to remember.

an interview with Leo. age 4. - - -

So, Leo, do you like being 4?

uh huh. am i still 4?

Yes, you are. Does it feel different to be 4?

yea. it feels like i wanna be flee again.

If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?

oh! a fox and the hound book.

What's your favorite food?

whipped cream

What's your favorite color?

yellow, black, pink, red, blue, purple. that is all my colors.

What's your favorite animal?

a moose, a whino, a baby moose, a baby whino and a baby giwaffe. my favorite x-men animal person is wolvewine.

What's your favorite song?

beatles. a hawd day's night.

What's your favorite thing to do with mommy?

go on the train!

oh Leo.

you are so infuriatingly sweet. you are wild and desperate to keep up with your brother. you are so much younger to me then your brother was at this age. you are still so tender and happiest to fall asleep in my arms as you suck your thumb and flick lovie. you crawl into our bed before the sun seeps through the curtains. something your brother never did. i always wished to be the parent who had babes clung to her in the night. in reality i'm grumpy and hate being woken before i'm ready. i'm working on that. in the mean time, daddy makes a wonderful buffer and falling back to sleep in his arms and snoring together is one of your favorite pastimes.

your overbite and fang teeth make me melt daily, when you bust out that smile of yours.

- - -

next is the talented Elaine...