wee baby benjamin

it was getting dark and we had just picked Leo up from preschool. 3:20pm. we were heading 15-20 short minutes from medford to lexington to see good friends who moved and are no longer at our school. Aiden. Jack's first real best friend. they don't see each other often and still ask us to get them together. when we met, Aiden's mom was pregnant with Evan. i can remember us worrying together about our wee boys in kindergarten. me with a fat toddling boymonster and Erika with her freshly born baby Evan. and here we are now. Leo in school. and Evan a big brother.

i was racing the sun. watching it dip, quickly, behind the trees. they have a beautiful house, light you'd fucking die for. but i knew once we hit a certain point, no matter the windows, the sun is just gone.

i got there in time, minutes after 4pm. pretty much had about 10 minutes, maybe 15. and this was the third shot. dumb.fucking.luck.

so, so lovely to meet you Benjamin. i love you already.


the twins | 10 weeks

i didn't mean to post two then and now posts in a row. i guess i'm in a place where i'm looking back at the past and marveling at changes, both good and bad, that happen. as the small boy calls them, his twins. these little babes have changed so much in just the 6 short weeks it's been since i did some informal newborn portraits. i am so glad to be one of the people they look up and smile at.

watching a child grow never ceases to amaze me. now it just gets better as we get to know the little people they are inside.

(photonerds : both photos edited with VSCO)