fresh start, new page, new view.

oh, what is that, sunshine? is that spring knocking on the door? gently swirling through my curtains, warming my shoulders in the light? this is my favorite season change, as i suffer from some major seasonal depression. it feels like a complete rebirth, a fresh start, and the smell of fresh buds on the first warm breeze of spring never gets old and always makes me feel alive. i breath it in deep, to fill every corner of my lungs, and hold onto it. and with all the changes, it seems appropriate to go through a bit of a change myself. when i first did all this, i picked up my first dSLR and said "let's see what happens" and somewhere along this road i've learned a lot about myself. about what i like to shoot, about how i spend the time away from my family working, about the photographer i want to be and the client i hope to meet. a rebirth was inevitable. there have been growing pains, there have been days that i haven't touched a camera. because the truth is, of being an artist, is that you're just always changing. constantly. guess what i learned this week? that i'd love to be assisting on food shoots. that's right. the lady who said she'd never shoot anything but kids and families felt completely alive assisting on a food styling shoot. i have learned things about myself, and about the way my craft fits into my life. about the images i want to put out there, to speak for me.

so here i am. an open book about where photography takes me, or where i take photography.

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you may also notice a new icon, with an adorable little "t" on it. and wonder, what is that? well. it's another blog. i'm so obsessed with capturing all the in between moments of my life with my kids, and anyone else, that i've started an iPhone only blog. you can head over there and subscribe by clicking said adorable "t" or by following this link

more blogging! more printing pics of my own kids! more fun with clients!