my thanks

i'm very awkward in almost every way. i suck at talking on the phone and i do better socially with people under the age of 6. i blurt out emotions full on and in your face, or i keep it all inside for years at a time. my sister in law (yea, you Jill) has helped me so much in the last few weeks, all the while i was supposed to be the one helping her with my twin niece and nephew on her day off. life works in very odd ways and for years i was too shy around Jill. but the last few weeks she's helped me more than my awkward, fumbling, brain barf words could do justice. so when it was father's day and both twins were fed and happy and still dressed and my nephew, their older brother, was outside playing and happy i bossed them all over to the fence. i am brimming with far more creative ways to photograph them (hear that guys?!?!) but we all know we want the photo of everyone relatively happy, no one blinking and no one crying.

holy shit. did i do it? that's three kids under the age of TWO for those of you at home keeping track.

but really. i just wanted to do this for them. for her. FOR YOU JILL.