NYC/Best Friend/40th Bday sexy time pics/etc.

i tripped and fell on tara when i was weeding my way through self taught digital photography. it's one of the best weird things that's ever happened to me. she's the abbi to my ilana. the thelma to my louise (without the cliff). the laverne to my shirley. the cheryl to my pam. the allie to my hedy. 

over the last 5 years we've gone from light commenting on IG to hard core texting and voice talking. it got serious fast. but it's had to be long distance. so when she told me she was coming to NYC with Jeff and it was her 40th bday and would i come and stay with her and take some photos maybe of her and Jeff. it was so yes. 

these are the photos i took of my best friend. the first time i ever saw her in front of my real eyes. with her lover. she pushes me when i need it. she cheers me on. she grabs me by the face and screams wake up. she cries with me. she laughs with me. and now she's stuck with me. forever. for. ever. 

oh. and when she said green robe? i was like oh yeah, let's take a look. and then. i was like. um. stfu. and put that on faster and stop being such a dumb idiot. 

also. there are a lot of pics in this post. ENJOY THEM I HOPE YOU DO!!!!!! 

also also. this is a part one.