back from CA, and a monday under our belt. we are slowly returning to the new normal. it's always hard to be pushed out of the safety bubble that is family. that is the shared experience. in an attempt to find my own new normal, i'm posting. unfortunately i don't have much to say. so i made a mash up of photos of only babies. these are the babies we were surrounded by. if anyone tells you not to bring a baby to a funeral, don't listen. they were such sweet little rays of sunshine (not that CA had any shortage of that!) you absolutely could not help but smile when they were around. this is my cousin's baby. 2nd cousin? i hate these things. but i love her. and yes, her big fat belly is sitting on her legs.

and here's the rest of the class comprised of nieces, nephews and new friends.

babies are magic, i swear. here's to getting to back to normal: hip hip hooray... xo isabel