Remember to love your work!

In 2013 we had one psychotic landlord, two psychotic, chain smoking downstairs neighbors, two little boys and one baby on the way. We had to get out of that place, like, REALLY fast. I rebuilt my website right before we moved, moved, had a baby and in the process of way too much time on my &^%#&^%$*#&^ phone and instagram, I started to hate my work. I shot sessions here and there and actually really loved the stuff I was shooting, but even still, could not bring myself to share it. 

No photo was ever as cool as, as good as, as stylish as, as emotional as, as well lit as, oh my god the fucking list goes ON. My personal AND work work. I loved it but I could not trust that anyone else would. The last couple of years have been really hard, but now looking back, it was the good kind of hard where a lot changed and things have actually improved. And guys, hooray for antidepressants amiright?! 

So here it is. 2016. My "baby" just turned 2. And I'm saying...fuck it. Here are some photos from his first weeks of life that I took with my "real" camera. That I deemed unworthy for 100 reasons, some of which I wrote above. Society toggles between love yourself and you love yourself too much so you're a crazy whacko narcissist. I'm trying to find the happy place in the midst of all that...but I do love my photos. And I very much believe in them because they are all the time coming from my heart. Totally corny. I could never embrace what made my photos mine. If you're out there struggling to embrace what makes your work different, unplug, unfollow like 100+ people and sit with your craft. Your work and your heart and brain will thank you for it.