boston waterfront

the long list

sometimes, the to do list is so long that not even one thing gets done. there are *so* many awesome images i want to share, words i want to write. and when i sit, and stare at the screen, something inevitably comes up. moved myself into the "office" that used to the be the nursery, Which meant the downfall of the crib and of a few tears. but at least it has a door! and windows! which are really only worth anything if the sun is shining, which it is not. for now. i'm checking one thing off. for months, nah, years, i've driven past this stretch of the charles river. awesome playgrounds and gorgeous foliage. and so when jack learned, officially, how to ride his bike a few weeks back we thought this would be a great place to take him. this was also the day i decided i need a bike because turns out this mama is not made for runnin' after a bike. this was also when new england thought it was summer.

small note * there is a photo in there of a woman, and it looks like a bunch of people huddled, filming something. we were asked to step in after she saw me shoot this. the big kid was too shy so, the husband, the small boy and i were interviewed by a fire safety puppet. our 15 minutes of fame is dropping in elementary school VCRs. fire safety video. good stuff.