dave powell

shootboston with shoottokyo

i'm sure you all remember that earthquake in japan. through some dumb luck, i found Dave Powell and his amazing street photography blog ShooTTokyo. we happened to have friends in Japan at the time and so i reached out to Dave, only to gather info and to commend him on documenting such an event. little did i know he'd turn into a friend. i missed the last photo walk, but was sure to clear my schedule for this one. i can't rave enough about the day, the people i met, the community of artists that is out there. and i now believe this to be vitally important to any photographer, regardless of what you shoot. keep yourself fresh, find new ways to see things, see people and see light. this is a very heavy picture post, but why else would you be here, right?!

ok. so if you can stand to look at any more pictures, go check out Dave's view HERE and check out one of my bff's, Naomi Mellar's view HERE.

street photography is really fun and takes balls i tell ya. it's made me think of starting a 100 strangers project...but am i brave enough?