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great cloth diaper change | boston photographer

a few months ago, while dreaming up ways to get myself and my work out there, i e-mailed salina at the diaper lab in somerville, ma. i wondered if she wanted some photos for the walls of the store. instead, i ended up being asked to photograph the great cloth diaper change. a large large LARGE group of people, trying to raise awareness about the awesome ways of cloth diapering. on april 23rd, they tried to set a world record by changing the most cloth diapers at one time. and i photographed it. woo!!

i was so glad to meet all the sweet little people and their parents and people in the community. it gave me such an itch to photograph families with little, fat, rolly polly babies! (hint! hint!) of course we had all been hoping that the weather would hold and it would take place outside. still, the babies were incredibly adorable. despite the dark, gloomy april day.

a few more will go up on facebook for your tagging delight! remember, i need your thumbs in the air if you want to leave some love on the facebook page! and i really hope i get to meet some new families.

xo isabel