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i'd like to go ahead and pat myself on the back for just a second. when everything wrapped up and the last session was done just before noon on sunday, my husband said to me "hey! you told 6 families you've never met to meet you at a playground and they all came, they all found us, and they all had their pictures taken. no one was late, no one got lost and no one fell in mud!" true the last statement was an unfortunate concern due to an entire night of delightful april "showers" between saturday and sunday. but, we powered through, and no one fell in any mud. i really loved doing this. the families were all so different. one with a newborn, one with a first born and one with her teens. it was fun to talk to all these people, either commiserating over a current shared stage, or reminiscing my boys' newborn days or even remembering back to when we had just jack. and really, i swear, social situations like these are not my strong suit, but i'm so glad i went for it, and i really look forward to doing these in the future. thanks to everyone who came out and shared their beautiful families with me!

i love this picture so much. i asked each set of parents to get together and for most they said they couldn't remember the last time they were photographed together. everyone was so sweet and giggly.

this last family was just beyond sweet. and this little girl was happy the entire time, showing off her walking skills all through the big forest. i also need to point out, her eyes. i know some photographers do the thing with the eyes. i will tell you that i wouldn't even know how to do the thing with the eyes, even if i wanted to. these eyes are legit, 100%, true blue.

so, all in all, i'd say it was a success. i can't wait for everyone to get their beautiful prints. and i am really excited about incorporating this into things at furie photography!

school vacation is kicking my ass and i feel a cold coming on. it's off to thursday night tv for me. xo isabel

mine on monday

hey, so i'm sure you all heard we jumped forward an hour. and can i just say i freakin hate it. i love everything that it indicates; more daylight, spring is coming, pizza dinners at the playground, etc. but why do i feel like i've been beaten up over the loss of an hour!? point of fact, i am an insane night owl. so yesterday, dragging myself through the day, we headed over to the in laws for weekly sunday dinner. it was good to be back to that act of normalcy. our first sunday back from CA, the one that was the day after our return, we had to skip due to older child having fever and an incident involving vomit. moving on...over the course of the weekend my friend gave me a bunch of hats she had crocheted on the sly for me. ah they are so cute! i am really nuts for any hat with ear flaps, pom poms or ears. nuts. so of course, yesterday being a sunny day i thought hell, i'll bring em over and see if i can find a head or two.

it just so happened both baby niece and baby nephew wore colors complimentary to the hat. so i looked around for a well lit spot. my in laws do not have great light in their house. have i mentioned that? (ha...ha...) so i had to open the front door to the house and then just propped myself in the threshold of the door. and pretty much just let them play. we hung out for quite a while actually. this has always been me. even as a kid bopping from place to place with my mom to visit friends, i always found the youngest kid in the house and hung out with them. i babysat as soon as anyone would leave a baby with me. i am very soothed by the presence of these little souls. especially when they're not mine and i get to be a bit more relaxed, haha.

Henry decided my finger was a good teething toy. i agreed. sometimes, when i think about all these little nieces and nephews that love all us aunts and uncles the way they do, it kinda makes my heart explode.

i can not wait until Mary is sitting, because currently it is difficult to get a pic of the two of them.

and guys, i'm not sure if it signals the coming of the apocalypse, but my big kid let me take his picture. and instead of looking borderline insane, he instead looks almost happy, but also like he almost might cry. i'll take what i can get.

ok, Mother's Day Mini Sessions! April 17th! stay tuned for a post later in the day with all the details! xo isabel