mr- happy

is it possible?! can it be?!

that i feel more tired and bedraggled today than i did yesterday? i seriously contemplated using toothpicks to hold my eye lids open. or scotch tape. i abandoned all hope of getting anything productive done today early on. my friend lured with me with the promise of coffee and the ability to bitch and moan. plus, this particular friend has a child the same age as Leo, and so they mostly just get lost in the bowels of the apartment. much easier than completing a grown up task like, say, grocery shopping. as we were walking out the door, i looked at my camera and made the choice to leave it at home. Leo started prancing around while i got my shoes and coat on. i just happened to look up and see this:

i told him not to move and ran to get my camera and a memory card (i still had not touched it since uploading my photos from the funeral services...) and hoped he'd still be prancing happily around.

mr. happy is an understatement, and if you've ever met Leo, you know it. it's been so nice to be with him these past two mornings. but that california sunshine was magical, and this cold march weather is the pits. spring, you're so close!

xo isabel