you are my wild : week 10

last tuesday morning, i had two bags of bread that were down to the heels. it was mild, a bit windy with rain predicted. this time of year is straight up hard for me. christmas kicks us in the ass, school vacation, snow days, dreary weather, AWFUL COLD, snow, layers and jackets and boots and wetness and OMGjustgivemespring. so i grabbed the bread, extra clothes, towel and told Leo we were heading for the beach. random but not random side story : 8 years ago, we, newly married hubby and i, moved into our first place together. burgeoning belly in tow, our favorite thing about our spot was it was near the water. some mornings we could smell the ocean. to me, it's easier to just get up and go to the beach than just about anywhere else. i don't even really like to swim at beaches, strange i know. i just love to wander. and feel the wind and smell the smells and hear the sounds of gulls and waves and my own feet crunching the tiny grains of sand. next year, Leo will go to school full time. and i will be without a buddy three days a week, or any days a week. days like these, when the planets align and i don't give a shit that he goes in the water with his boots on and he just gets sandy and muddy and i say go ahead and we brave a cloud of seagulls, i could just fall over. struck down with love. it's everything perfect about being a mother. it's everything i love about the time i've been able to spend with them when they are so young.


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