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whoa. i am just now finally getting this session completed and blog post ready. forgive me friends! these are my wonderful friends who housed me during my whirlwind DC trip a few weeks back. i can't even do justice to what a great time i had. how much i truly enjoy Jessica's kids, and Jessica and her husband. i can so clearly remember being Max and Anika's ages, dragged around to dinner parties and meeting endless close friends of my mom's. sometimes the dinner parties were fun and i enjoyed myself, and sometimes i just couldn't wait to get out the door. i remembered all this as Max and Anika sat nicely with us, on a saturday night no less, for dinner. computer time sacrificed and friend time. all to sit and chat with one of their mom's old family friends. ah, the circle of life.

onto the session. my first with teenagers. i will admit i was nervous. but they were hilarious and at ease, though they may not have felt like it in the moment. there's no denying that Jessica and her hubby have done well, fostering some serious love between these two kids. keep in mind, they're almost 16 and 12, and hugging?! smiling?! like i said, Jess needs to write a manual.

enjoy! xo isabel