yes! there is still a pulse!

we are here! we are alive! we have a pulse! 

after months of silence, i'm dusting off the cobwebs and starting this new year with a new site, renewed passion and a new BABY! as the busy family portrait season came to an end in 2013, we discovered our own little family would be expanding by one more. baby boy Furie-Bowman is due July 2014 and we couldn't be more thrilled. thanks husband for the proof! 


so here we are. at the halfway point with this little fella. desperately clinging to the hope of spring and counting down the days until we are released from winter's cold grip. i have been exhausted and grateful and enjoying every moment of this experience which feels deeper and more profound. with older children and the passage of time feeling more present than ever in my mind and heart. the boys seem to follow in my footsteps and are endlessly fascinated with pregnancy and birth. the real and true physical process of it all.

my camera has hovered close by, but mostly it's the iphone i've reached for. here are a few big camera snaps of life lately.

so take a look around the new site. be assured that one of my many goals for 2014 is to be more active here, sharing work that speaks to who i am and this journey of mine with photography. to show the wonderful, beautiful, unique people i'm meeting along the way and the family stories i'm lucky to help tell. 

the biggest change you'll notice is to the pricing and products. i have done a lot of reflecting on why i do this "job" at all, and it's helped to re-shape what i give to you, my families (more than just clients...) in the end. all that information can be found in the handy DETAILS section and to get on the books just use that super convenient little envelope button over there on the right. 

let's see how many families this big belly and i can shoot before July 2014!