a night out with friends | aka | i turn things into photo shoots

this summer has been so freaking bizarre. i feel like just as soon as the room stopped spinning from the whole stolen camera thing i came down with hand foot and mouth. ew. how the eff did i get hand foot and mouth. and yes, it is as disgusting to have as it sounds. i feel like i've hardly seen anyone and all of a sudden we're on our annual cape cod trip and then boom - school. after a year of trying to connect, i did finally see one someone. my friend holly (who you should check out here and here ) and her adorable kiddo baylen, met us in harvard sq. one lovely late summer evening.

we hit wagamama, which proved too difficult to try and photograph once they gave all 3 kids chopsticks. then we hit the new pinkberry in harvard sq. which i only just discovered exists. and is just so damn delicious and makes me feel like i'm being healthy and like it's ok to feed it to the kids when they maybe kinda sorta didn't eat the world's best dinner that night.

and then it just sorta turned into a photo shoot with bay. he looked like a little baby vampire to me.

and i just couldn't get over his gorgeous golden brown curls.

we (hub and i) admittedly feel a little out of place in our hood, still, but holly is just awesome and if she lived next door to me we'd be so good at bitching about the same things together!

after playing past sunset, we trudged to the train, sweaty and sticky with yogurt. the perfect end of summer gem of an evening.

xo isabel