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spring mini sessions - a correction!!

oops. rushing from one thing to the next, moving from one thing to another. i completely missed that the flier says May and June! it's supposed to say May thru July. meaning you can book your mini session for any time in May, June or July. sweet, right?? so let's get together and make fun pictures of your family, your newborn, your newly minted 6 year old or your newest fur babe!

email to book.


PS! DC fans? anyone out there? i'm traveling down to DC at the end of June and am wondering if there is any interest for sessions...?

spring mini sessions | boston family photographer

every year i do these a little differently. still trying to find the best groove with them. this year im offering them from now through to the end of July. love these every year and can't wait to play outside in the beautiful new england spring with some cute small people and their families.

looking forward to meeting you!


a note about recent changes

well hello there. i thought i would take a minute to go over some recent changes i've made and explain them a bit. the two big changes are that my pricing has been redone and two is that mini sessions, session discounts and print sales will now only be offered to current clients and those who subscribe to the isabel furie photography mailing list. but. let me break it down.


i had to overhaul pricing. packages, prints, digital, it was a nightmare. taking all the fun out of what i do. it breaks down like this, the reason i started this, the #1 thing i want you to walk away with, is beautiful prints. and the #1 thing most people/families want these days are digital files. so, where do we find the happy medium? and how do we make it easy, because easy is my middle name. er. wait. that's awkward...

ok, but i think i have made it easy for you. this is what i had to consider. my passion is lifestyle family sessions. whether that means i'm shooting you welcoming a new baby into your home, a sunday dinner where the whole extended family gets together, you and your kids running around your favorite field or eating ice cream sundaes at home. i love to spend time with you. to know you, to capture who you truly are, the in between, real life moments are my goal. but what this means is sometimes "sessions" (i'd really so much rather call them play dates or something...) are longer than 2 hours, sometimes i get fed coffee or pancakes, sometimes it means my pants get wet at the beach. so this is time away from my family, but it's also time doing exactly what i truly love.

ok, onto the next thing. newsletter!

this saves me time posting deals, announcements, etc all over mom message boards and the like. this way, i know who wants the info and it gets to them easily. i'll be releasing my first newsletter the first week of April. it will include details about upcoming mini sessions, referral deals and print sales. and in fact, JUST for signing up you receive a $50 print credit good towards a session that takes place this year and that's not all...

you can sign up NOW by clicking on the little envelope that says "Subscribe" it's easy and only takes a minute. and to check out the new pricing go HERE .

and because no post is worth anything without some pictures, here's Evan, who's pretty excited about his new house.