i'm putting the final touches on the images i shot a few weeks back. i photographed i grand old party with so many fabulous guests i might have to do a post just for choosing the best dressed. it was a wedding of sorts, though the grooms had already officially done the deed. it mostly was a totally awesome celebration of their official commitment, love and coming together of two families. while i was wrangling them for group shots, i looked over and caught the eye of the mother of the groom (Steve) from atop my chair...

can't wait to share the rest with you guys!!


i do weddings? | boston photographer

i had to. i had to do this. you knew i had to Erin! i had to put these pictures in a little page of my book. all together. with little words intertwined and dangling about and messing it all into a story. i really suck at telling the people i love that i love them. except husband and the boys. i tell them i love them like calliou whines. but i have this stupid i don't deserve anything thing going on and so i find myself thanking my friends for being friends with me. it's weird and complicated and dumb. but i took some "engagement" photos of meg and erin, two of my best friends, the summer before their wedding. we tried originally on a day where their session was #1 for me. i had childcare, free time, ready to rock. and then it sort of turned into almost hurricane like conditions (i may be exaggerating) and so we ended up drinking in their car and getting burritos. fail. except we had a lot of fun and i got to know them even more and i guess it sort of worked out in that way. like these odd things tend to. of course the next time we got together, it was after a *long* family event that had been laced with tension, beer, sports, and exhaustion. childcare felt uncomfortable. it was the end of the day. blah.

they say they loved their engagements photos. and there were definitely some images from it that i loved and that really embodied who Meg and Erin are. but i definitely felt like i was not on my a-game for them. and THEN. then. she asked me to shoot the wedding. well, i sort of offered i guess. and she asked. i wanted to be amazing for them. i don't really do weddings and i don't think i want to do weddings in the traditional sense. it is such a beautiful day for a story. and i do love a good story. but this wedding. like Meg and Erin's. these are the weddings i'll shoot, happily and whole heartedly. quirky, different, SMALL, gatherings, parties...or weddings.

it wouldn't have been Meg and Erin's wedding day if something dramatic didn't happen. mother nature didn't miss a beat and they got married right as hurricane Irene was landing on the east coast.

i can't even say enough about how fun this day was. and beautiful. like, picture pretty and deep down makes you cry with joy pretty. and i'm so grateful that they gave me the chance.

what a day.