City night with friends

this beautiful human pictured down below with her friends and family, posted something today about how sometimes we don't always feel our best, or feel we look our best, or know even how to love ourselves when the little voice in our head says "hey you're lookin extra beautiful today!" and you're like "whaaaaat no way you're not talking to me"

so i thought back to the last time we were together, which was this summer. a perfect night doing nothing but letting our kids screw around and eat whatever they want and roll around together, ya know, the only way any real memories are made for these small humans. and i was thinking about how being around her makes me feel like wow...well...if this beautiful human enjoys me than i must not be a garbage person (c'mon i know some of you out there with less than stellar self esteem get me) and how could she not feel incredible all the time?! 

man. we all just seriously need to love one another more. and i always just hope that any photo i take reflects back all the beauty and pain of these life moments that i see and feel with my guts.