Women's March Boston MA

I guess probably most professionals would tell me to stay away from discussing politics. I no longer believe we are in an era where we can afford to NOT talk about it. To NOT be clear about what my expectations are as a woman and a human being living on planet earth in 2017. To say I strongly oppose absolutely everything He stands for is not even a statement strong enough. The very sight of him makes my skin crawl, his language is abhorrent, his beliefs and morals questionable and the people he surrounds himself with are, as far as I can tell, completely soulless and frighteningly calculated. We all have a lot of work to do to survive the next 4 years. White people especially need to start showing up in a real way. For starters my husband and I have started to donate $5 to the Muslim Advocates Org. every month. It's not much, but it's what we can afford. I would love for people to include in the comments where they are and ways they are getting involved. There is no shame in asking "What can I do?" and if we just keep sharing how we are trying to make progress with one another, we can better make progress together. 

I marched on Saturday. With my mother and my husband and my three sons and one of my dearest friends. Us and MILLIONS of other women and supporters of women. I heard Elizabeth Warren speak and Marty Walsh. I felt 100% less alone, less in pain, less scared.  Our march ended up with 175k participants. There were times when everywhere you looked was a sea of people. You literally could not move. Even when marching started it took almost 30 minutes for us to be able to move. It was a physical and mental feat to attend. You had to remain calm and vigilant of your sisters and brothers and surroundings at all time. Children of all ages were there, people of all ages. Men, women, people of color, trans people (who are marching in a largely vagina centralized march...we see you!!!), gay and lesbian participants, immigrants...it was incredible. The hard work now is really to keep showing up. Especially as a white woman, I fully recognize the need for this movement to be INTERSECTIONAL, and my part in making that change real going forward. He isn't wasting time and already our civil rights are under threat. The silver lining? I am so excited to see how my friend family grows over the next 4 years, because I am really ready to be surrounding myself with people who are not content to be quiet. I'm loud and I sometimes make people uncomfortable when I voice my opinions, and for once in my life, I'm kind of looking forward to better understanding the power in that. 

These are my favorite images from the Women's March in Boston MA on 1/21/17.