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winner one and winner two | two session giveaway

wow. hold on a second. let me catch my breath for a minute. that was amazing. your comments had me laughing, crying, shaking my fist at thieves, and laughing again. because seriously, who CAN concentrate when a cat's around and why can't mommy have a penis?!!? what i didn't expect was how hard it would be for me to not just say "well shit, i'll just give away 88 sessions!" lucky for me, the internet lords have come up with a site that will randomly pick the numbers so i don't have to. so, if you want to be mad at anyone, go yell at

i am so very excited to announce the two winners!!

first up, we have : Katie Roman August 11, 2011 at 7:01 pm # Edit

My family has never had professional pictures taken! We have a 4-year old, a 2-year old, and a 3-month old. The other day someone asked us for a picture of our family…and we didn’t have one (not even one we had taken ourselves). We went to MIT campus and asked a stranger to take our picture…which he did, wishing us a fun vacation–we were not on vacation! =)

and second winner is : Tirzah August 12, 2011 at 2:58 pm # Edit

I thought I’d sneak in for one more entry since it’s almost noon and my little guy is napping. I agree with the PP….I would love to win, and then pay some love forward as well!

Congrats you guys!! email me at and let's get your sessions set up!

i really can't thank everyone enough for participating. i truly wish i could give to everyone and also really, really hope i still get to meet some, if not all of you and your awesome families. and because no post is any good without a picture, henry says congrats!

1/125 f/1.4 iso 2500 @8pm (also, i'm going to start including stats again with my shots. if there are readers out there interested in technical posts etc. please say so in the comments! lemme know what you guys want!!)

xo isabel