boston children's lifestyle photographer

i set up camp, and i saw.

there's this chick, Shannon Leith, who is totally awesome. she's a photographer on the other side of the country and she inspires me. sometimes, i look at her light, airy pictures and i think, i could never get those. but in my whole "i'm not going to feel down on myself anymore!" transformation, there is no room for this sort of doubt. so today, with my morning cup of tea, my camera, and Leo in his pjs, we hunkered down in the one spot in the house that i don't totally hate. the sun-drenched road rug. i sat in the middle while Leo played around with his doctor's kit, camera close by. and i thought, i'm just going to let the this all sink into me. i'm not going to search for things, but rather i will just let things show themselves to me. and see what i see. that's when i happened to notice all these words around me. i mean hell, in a kid's play room you can find an endless amount of letters, numbers and words on anything from books to puppy dog toys. but these were just little...composed images that just jumped out at me. so i shot them, and moved on. tried for the one shot deal, the best shot IN camera, and that was it.

something about the lightness of it all, the bold colors. it really made me long for spring, but also eased my heart a bit. it's close, spring that is. i imagine each winter i'll get better at being a photographer in the deep dark coldness of it all.

Leo had his little stethoscope, checking my heart, making the little thumping sound with his mouth. because the batteries are dead. and i just picked it up, the camera, and pressed the shutter. i thought i'd get nothing. instead i got this picture that makes my heart drop with love.

and then we went to my sister's house, which i was glad for. a change of scenery and new faces to point my camera at. except that let's be honest, despite three children being in the house, Mary was the only one my camera saw. oops! she's so big now and on the verge of a lot. scooting around with her long feet, which she's also just discovered.

i love looking at all these pictures together. they're so light and airy and vibrant. i love these pictures because i love them. despite the fact that i am only slightly worried that you all might think i'm crazy for taking pictures of words...

xo isabel