four months

name of the game : survive school vacation

that's what this week is all about. except that my mom took the big kid to NYC for most of this week so i had an unfair advantage. today was our first real trip, all of us, during break. and what better way to spend the day then to go down to the cape and be with friends. little Milo is no stranger to my fledgling blog, and i just love watching him grow. i saw him last a month ago (how can it already have been a month since my little guys birthday party?!) and already Milo is so different. now at 4 months, he's really become aware of his surroundings. holding his head up with no problem and his hands and feet do that swimming motion. he's got big things happening in that little brain of his. my 5 year old is now playing chess...and as he says "kicks butt" oy.

in case you're curious, this was Milo's newborn session and i truly can not get enough of him. first he spent some time hanging with mama, then he had a little playtime with my little guy, Leo. and finally, we even went for a walk! it was so beautiful outside today.

love you Milo! and thanks to my wonderful friends for always letting me stick a camera in their faces. xo isabel