distractions of the Milo kind

hey, guys, did i tell you i'm shooting my first wedding this weekend? like, the day after tomorrow. did i tell you i'm totally out of my brains nervous. that i'm dreading new england will pull her old tricks and snow or rain or BOTH! we had a ton of rain which put a major crimp in my "go out and drive around the area of the wedding" plan for days. you know what's hard? finding a spot that's beautiful, public, but not crowded and not the same as everything else you've seen and also not ugly. i think i may have got it though, which has really relieved a lot of my stress. the husband will be my right hand man the whole day. if i can go into a room and make my ugly freak out face with anyone, it's him. but mostly i know he'll just keep telling me i'm doing great, which i might need. who knows, maybe he'll become my always assistant. he is great with kids... starting a business, becoming a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, whatever transition it is that you and i are going through, is really hard. sometimes i wake up and wonder why i feel so out of sorts. probably because every day is a combo of constant worrying about all the balls i'm juggling and constant worrying about what balls i'm not juggling that i should be juggling. i should be writing a post about why i freaking love shooting and editing in RAW and how i ponder how one can be a photographer without doing it this way and what took me so damn long (fear, duh!) to switch. i should be catching up on late print orders, i should be putting away that 3573498673986739876th load of laundry or spend more than 10 minutes with my husband that doesn't involve the glow of a screen. i should also be enjoying this exhilarating feeling of being at the very beginning of an adventure, because while adventures are super crazy happy fun times, they're also a lot of work.

i should also find a way to work on photos of my own kids and life. i know for a while it probably felt like they were all you were seeing. but sometimes there is only enough time or energy to whip up what i'm feeling, what i want to write about, what i want to share. maybe i'm going to force myself to share some amount of photos of them a week. a classmate's mom asked me for photos i had taken at their winter concert, in JANUARY, and i realized. shit. i haven't even touched those photos. i was waiting for my niece to be born (which meant my travel to DC), my lens was in the shop. then february happened and sucked. and then march happened and sucked, mostly. and then poof, it's not january anymore.

but with april comes a fresh start. a wedding, mother's day minis, meeting new families and doing what i love. speaking of doing what i love, i love spending time with my baby Milomunchkindoodle. he kind of is my baby from another mother. don't worry, it's a joke i make with his ma. funny, right? anyway...Milo and his ma, Leah, made the trip up to our stomping grounds yesterday. and since last i saw him (here) he is now sitting up alone, and has two teeth, his very first two! since it was a nice day out, Leah and i treated ourselves to some starbucks, which Milo found quite boring and unimpressive:

and a walk to the playground. it just happened to be Milo's first time ever in a swing. i'd say he's a fan.

Leo was, in fact, at the playground with us. i think he was in such shock that we were even able to be at the playground that he was totally happy by himself.

then, we headed back for food and nap. after everyone was fed and rested, it was time to get to work. the wonderful owner of the wonderful Gnorasaurus, saw a picture i had taken of miss Mary in a hat from the Gnorasaurus store, and wondered if i would be interested in photographing some more babies in some more awesome Gnorasaurus threads. uh, don't have to ask me twice! but with that whole crazy winter and no indoor natural light studio (yet) it was proving harder than i first thought to get this done. Milo to the rescue! he modeled two of the little boy onesies and boy are they cute! the onesies are so soft and the fit is great. Milo is a huge chunk and the 6-12 month onesie fit him perfectly with enough room to grow. but before we got him into his clothes...we had to get him out of his clothes!

ok ok, Milo, put some clothes on young man.

like my make shift inside studio? (insert me rolling my eyes) that's one thing i'm really hoping for in whatever our new place is. maybe just a small corner where i could set up a mini travel studio. dream a little dream for me...

i might post one more jibberish filled post before the wedding. it will contain mostly brain mush and likely will not make sense.

wish me luck! xo isabel