harbor city school

harbor city school | fundraising event | aha moments

my fabulous friend, carissa (go check her blog out...ok come back), is the new director of the harbor city school in east boston. she asked me a while back to photograph the rooftop fundraising event and i said OF COURSE! and then i lost my gear. and then i was all "wah i can't shoot an event with my dinky d3000" but then carissa was all awesome and said to shut up and do it. so i did. there's a much larger post for this at a later time, because man am i tired. i followed around a large gaggle of children and their parents while they partied for 3 hours. in heels.

but i love this picture. i loved it the moment i snapped it. i thought about it all the way home. it's one of my favorite images that i've ever captured. vivian was on a bouncy horse and to get her to warm up i squatted down and bounced right along with her. after this, she and i were pals.

and with that. i wish you a good night. xo isabel