pink sunset

dinner picnic | crane beach | 16 diptychs

short on words. been a strange summer. gear was stolen. as in camera gear. as in my dear sweet d7000 and my beautiful 35mm f/1.4 longer post coming.

hadn't taken a photo in approximately one week. picked up my "feels like a toy in my hands" d3000 today and popped on the 50mm f/1.4 and forced myself.

i saw this awesome lady (tara whitney) who i totally admire do this one time. well, she's done it a few times. the diptych thing. it makes me feel like i'm there. when i get to the end i always wish there was more. and what with my losing my gear and sort of going back to a basic camera for a bit, i've been forcing myself to think on some things i've been struggling with. maybe that's in the next post. but really, i didn't allow myself to edit these outside of adobe ACR, and what i did do was just sharpen and up the contrast a bit. editing won't change the composition of a photo, or the light, or the colors of that moment. trust the eye. we got to crane beach at 6:30PM (yep...that's us) and we played in the pink light and tide pools and sandy ripples. not much dinner was consumed and we got bit by a few greenheads, but the night was perfect. the boys had fun. they are sleeping snug in their crisp layer of beach skin.

i'm coming back... xo isabel