the incredible growing boy

remember him?

3, maybe 4 years ago, i was sitting with a fat leo, nursing at the new england aquarium. a smart, outgoing little boy had befriended jack. who had wandered, or maybe stomped, over to the large tank in the middle. admiring sharks. probably wishing there was a way he could feed leo to one of them. in a 15 minute spurt the owner of the little boy and i tossed words at each other and a connection was made. it took us almost 2 years after that day to reconnect but i'm so glad we did. and now there is Phin who is as delicious as they come. our summer has been inching along and racing by all at the same time. we float from play date to play date, trying to exhaust the boys while getting in some grown up time. three weeks of camp just disappeared for jack. my creativity is getting the short end of the stick and i miss writing and putting pictures together.

little Phin gave me a good burst though, and gave me something worth pointing my lens at.

for any photo nerds out there, all these images were edited with the NEW VSCO 02 Film Pack i'll just keep it short and sweet and say, they did it again, and i'm totally in love.