wild in the streets

my biggest, Jack has a best friend, Sophie. Sophie lives in the neighborhood where my in-laws live. the kind of neighborhood where kids run in the streets until sundown, bike to the playground and play endlessly, bouncing back and forth like ping pong balls from yard to yard. eventually to be dragged apart, covered in dirt, or each other's clothes. i wish i could leave Jack in this neighborhood. it's everything i want for my kids. to grow up like this. like i did in my smaller than a spec of dust hometown. my want for it is all consuming at the moment. but i am glad for Jack. that frequently he gets to be in this type of neighborhood, with his best friend. that he gets a taste of the freedom, the pure innocence of childhood, of playing in the dirt and swinging from trees and just having fun with what you have. of feeling that safe.

i love this light. spring is so damn close, it hurts.