world famous miss Mary

every once in a while my sister in law and i swap kids. this morning, miss Mary was with us. i arrived at the playground and freed the children. the first thing someone asked me was "is this THE famous Mary??" she gets a lot of time on the blog i guess...sorry other nieces and nephews! i swear i love you all equally! these were shot in the span of maybe 20-25 minutes. i had just returned home from assisting on a food shoot and was fairly exhausted. but when Mary ran up to me in this outfit, i could not hold myself back. she gets it too. totally gets it. auntie whips out the camera and she knows what's up. she has energy unlike any other child i've known her age, which adds to up a lot of blurry pics. but when you love Mary, you start to find a way to love the blurry, and make it work to your advantage.

and this is what i actually look like most of the time : ridiculous and dangling a dog toy, in this case, a tennis ball.

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