a moment in a leaf pile | personal

is there anything more magical than a little kid in a leaf pile? almost every session this fall has included a leaf pile. i decided to walk loin fruit one to school this morning. it was eerie and muggy and sort of warm. on my way back i passed little angelina. we see her, her mother and her big sister almost daily on our drop off/pick up circuit. i snapped these in less than 2 minutes.

this sort of thing gives me such a great feeling. to be able to connect and interact with a child in such a small, fleeting moment. to capture who they are and the spirit they possess. it's my favorite part of photographing kids and childhood. it's such a personal time and when they let me in it's such a privilege. (and thanks to all the parents who let me, the creepy toddler street photographer, snap their kids)

xo isabel