toddler/kid street photography

nina at the museum

Nina. Nina belongs to a friend of mine from a time in my life that seems like a fog. high school. mama has quite the vault of information that could, at any time, be used against me. Nina is now about 15 months and i've pretty much been begging to shoot her since she was born. life is always way too busy and finally the planets aligned for a frigid morning meet up, tucked in between viruses of all kinds, at the museum of science. and guess what else i learned? the museum of science would actually make for a pretty cool indoor family winter session. just sayin...

after we ran them around, we went to the cafeteria for lunch (again, surprisingly well lit if you can get a spot by the windows...) but little Miss Nina couldn't keep up with the energy of these two crazy loin fruits, and soon...

...she bit the dust.

i gotta say, i'm loving the challenge that comes with winter. trying to find indoor spaces that are well lit, that with the right thought and care, a beautiful image can be made. the museum of science...i'm ready for you. so, which family is up for the challenge?!

xo isabel

a moment in a leaf pile | personal

is there anything more magical than a little kid in a leaf pile? almost every session this fall has included a leaf pile. i decided to walk loin fruit one to school this morning. it was eerie and muggy and sort of warm. on my way back i passed little angelina. we see her, her mother and her big sister almost daily on our drop off/pick up circuit. i snapped these in less than 2 minutes.

this sort of thing gives me such a great feeling. to be able to connect and interact with a child in such a small, fleeting moment. to capture who they are and the spirit they possess. it's my favorite part of photographing kids and childhood. it's such a personal time and when they let me in it's such a privilege. (and thanks to all the parents who let me, the creepy toddler street photographer, snap their kids)

xo isabel