ten on ten

ten on ten : february

or should i call this the nemo edition? we are still fairly buried. ventured out yesterday with the wee fellas. i'd say this is probably the first year that both boys were able to play/enjoy the snow without every flake touching their skin being the absolute end of the world. but you know...these things always end in tears.


please be sure to see what's up with Joel Chapman and his fine bunch

see you Tuesday for you are my wild!


10 on 10 january

i'm a big cheater. i can never keep to just 10 images and i knew i was shooting for this 10 on 10 back in december. these are some of my favorite images from our whirlwind trip to NYC. i also bitterly complain that i don't get to shoot enough when we travel. in a way, it's true. i had such grand plans for how/what/where i'd shoot. in the end, i knew using the trip for my 10 on 10 post would force me to realize that even though i may not have shot fully everything i had hoped and dreamed in one little trip, i still was able to observe and absorb the city and my family.

please be sure to check out the strapping lad of our crew; Mr. Joel Chapman!


december 10 on 10

it's that time of the month again. after last month's 10 on 10 the old crew wrapped up. having joined late i really only reaped the benefits of a few months. i was, am, still lacking the feeling of an inspirational artist community. it's complicated because i'm more than photos. i'm a wannabe writer. i've admired Erika Ray from afar, but recently used my finest cussing to weasel my way into her circle. guys. these are like, crazy talented photographers. and not only that, most of them are really great writers as well. if i can stick to deadline, they might just LOVE me.

new peeps just landing here for the first time, who the hell am i? i'm a boston globe food stylist, photographer, mother of two, wife to mister chris, living outside of boston. two journalists for parents, both with a love and eye for shooting. my relationship with photography was born in dusty boxes filled with curled photos and loose negatives.

three months ago, i felt bored. i was lucky to inherit from my mom a Canon AE-1 and from a friend a Nikon F100. after attending the FIND workshop as a model, my curiosity for film was reignited. while racking my brain, what to do what to do, for this first post with this new crew, i remembered i hadn't picked up my rolls from JUNE! so here it is. my first time with my feet back in film. i'm an endless work in progress. painfully imperfect. learning to share my journey.

next up is the ridiculously talented Joel Chapman come on, you know he's a cool guy when he's rolling with a bunch of bad ass bitches like us...


10 on 10 : post election special

on Tuesday, after we (I) voted, i just wanted to run away. i knew if we went home i'd drive myself crazy sniffing the election day speculation glue. i have only voted twice in my life, both times as a mother and a wife. married to a man who works in the trades, an electrician who installs solar panels. i need a president who, at the very least, believes in green energy. married to a man who went back to school on PEL grants. raising two sons who i'd like to say could marry anyone they love, who i hope can be successful and loving and kind and accepting people. who i hope will never bully a "romney voting kid" the way "romney voting kids" have been teasing the "obama voting kids" (yes, KIDS, keyword! children! parents, are you paying attention?!) there is no political discussion to be had here. i am not shy about my opinions. but for an hour or two, i wanted to hide my kids away and keep them innocent. so we got donuts and headed for the woods.

grab a cup of coffee and follow the circle! Amy's up next... isabel