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being patient. not my strong suit. never, ever has been. almost 3 years ago (what?!) when i was pregnant with leo the loin fruit, i met a dear friend in one of those creepy online chat rooms. it was a pregnancy support forum, aka where all the crazy pregnant people go to to talk about obscure food cravings, how much they love/hate sex, who's causing drama at their baby showers and who is going to destroy their child's spirit by either co-sleeping or not co-sleeping. crazy times people, i tell you. and i was totally one of them. well, the novelty of the forum wore off, but it wasn't for nothing. my friend erica and i were brought together by this craziness. she lived out in CA but hails from the cape (of cape cod) and so when our babies were small and fat (and boy were the fat...if only i had the photographic evidence) we met on a beautiful, breezy, summer cape day.

pretty much it was love at first sight and i spent a lot of time driving to the cape that summer. she is who brought milo and his rad parents into my life. good stuff.

so for almost 3 years, i've been whining about how much i wish erica would live on this side of the country. and finally, after waiting and waiting, and being patient, the stars aligned. here for good. i still don't believe it. it won't sink in for a minute. but the best part? little mr. kai, or meeks as he is the companion to meems, his big sister Evie, is three short months old. it pleases me to no end that we will get to watch him grow, and already since i met him for the very first time in CA (pour some out for the photos) he has changed so much.

this is a filler blog. a big old give away blog is coming with instructions on how to win a session with me, and boy am i making it fun! be patient...

until then, here's a little series from some time i spent with Kai last week.

it's hard work hanging out and chatting at the beach. eventually...the breeze, the warmth, the swaddle, win.

seriously. i'm giving away two sessions. so STAY TUNED!

xo isabel