postpartum photography

welcome! get comfy and stay a while if you like.

if you're reading this, it means you made it! yay! now, onto all that newborn goodness i was going on about. sometimes i can't even believe i am writing what i am writing. that i was lucky enough to be a part of such a time in one's life. my dear sister (in law) Tricia just had her third baby. little Olivia joined the world on 2/2/11 at a whopping 9lbs1oz. but my sister and her husband and my other niece (Luci) and nephew (Joseph) live in DC which really sucks because i love her in a crazy person way and wish she lived on my block. as i've mentioned before, my husband is #seven of nine children and they're pretty much all local with two exceptions, Tricia being one. long story short she just really misses being home and i thought she'd like me to visit right after the baby comes and maybe take some pictures, because they never get any pictures of them all together, or of the kids, and Tricia has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. when i told her i was coming she cried and it was glorious and wonderful and kittens and rainbows. i basically got to do my two favorite things, combine birth/postpartum care and photography. drool. happiness drool that is.

so, here you are. the story of little Olivia coming home and getting to know her rad siblings and letting her crazy aunt photograph her the entire time she settled into her role as #three.

and then my sister went and got all "i'm so gorgeous, i totally didn't have a baby 4 days ago" and sat for family shots. rock star.

gee, i hope you guys like looking at pictures. there are a lot in this post. also to note, this was my first time playing around with the posed infant shot. and let me tell you, it is hard! maybe it's because she's like a tiny football player and at 9lbs difficult to "collapse" but i guess we all start somewhere and so here i start.

well, if you're still here, that's pretty great. i've really enjoyed sharing my journey so far and think it's pretty awesome and also a little crazy, that anyone besides my mom reads this. and thanks to my sister who let me in for a couple of days and let me do my favorite thing ever, tell a story in pictures.

xo isabel